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Proof Of Love

Mar 27, 2020

Is Love Really Blind?

On this episode of Proof of Love, Stephanie and Lauren discuss the popular new Netflix series “Love is Blind,” in which men and women who are looking to get married get to know each other just by talking...without physically seeing one another.

The ladies give their review of the series and...

Mar 20, 2020

With all the fear surrounding the coronavirus, we all could use some advice on how to conquer that fear with love. On this episode of #ProofofLove, we invited Andreas Antonopoulos on to discuss how love can be used to combat the worst of our emotions.

Having suffered from anxiety and depression in the past, Andreas...

Mar 13, 2020

Giacomo Zucco and Mir Liponi join Tatiana live from Unconfiscatable in Las Vegas. Together for a decade, Mir and Giacomo *almost* did the Vegas wedding thing but ultimately decided to pass on the experience.

After some discussion about COVID-19 in Italy, they share their struggles with learning English and learning to...

Mar 6, 2020

Tatiana and Stephanie address listener questions about why women can’t take compliments and practice their skills in receiving them, and give their thoughts about the posited idea that sometimes men like their significant others to gain a few pounds when they are in a relationship.

How are you at taking compliments?...