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Proof Of Love

Jul 21, 2021

What is the Age of Aquarius? Orlando-based musician and yogi Matt Welsh believes it's more than just a song from Hair. On this episode, he joins Tatiana to discuss how his family shaped his love of music, his difficulties connecting to organized religion, and how all of that led to his embracing of New Age concepts of physical and spiritual wellness. Plus, he talks about his upcoming appearance at FreedomFest 2021, his partnership with Pirate Chain, and his upcoming album. 

MUSIC: The Last Stand (Legend of LooTz) by Matt Welsh

About the Guest:
BLUVNBU (Pronounced Be Love and Be You) is the alias for Orlando based independent New Age Rock artist Matt Welsh.  With extensive trainings in Yoga, Qigong, Food Healing, Meditation, Plant Medicines and Breathwork... Matt's primary method for teaching is through his spiritually rich, energetic songwriting. His uplifting, heartfelt, and honest musical style is empowering seekers from around the world to stand up for their freedom and live their true purpose with his first seven song original EP, THE AWAKENING... the first rock record in history to be based around the 7 Chakras.

Matt has quickly risen as a prominent voice within the worldwide freedom movement after performing at Anarchapulco, Miami Crypto Experience, PorcFest and now FreedomFest in 2021. His latest single The Last Stand (Legend of LooTz) was written for the privacy focused cryptocurrency project Pirate Chain to help bring mass awareness to the planned attack on personal freedom before it is too late.

This Winter Solstice he will be releasing his next 5 song EP, AQUARIAN on as the first rock record in history designed to embody and ease humanities evolution process during the ongoing transition into the air age of Aquarius.

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