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Proof Of Love

May 1, 2019

I posted about friends of alcoholics, and how to cope a few weeks ago on my social media. I was amazed at the response and the amount of comments. Struggling with alcohol and substance abuse seems to be prevalent in many high-pressure communities, with blockchain technology being one of them.   We were very grateful for the honesty of our guest in sharing his experience. Stephanie and I spoke with Chris Groshong about overcoming alcohol addiction. For many like Chris, who was unhappy with his career at that time and in danger of losing important people in his life, difficult decisions had to be made and some friends and lifestyles had to be left behind. Things like finding a hobby or passion and seeking out therapy were just some of the ways he took this disease head on. But that was another topic of our conversation, is it a disease?  It is a sometimes difficult conversation and we would love to hear your take on this. Feel free to leave comments about your experiences and ways you have dealt with alcohol addiction either personally or with loved ones.

About the Guests:

Chris has assembled a nationwide team that is advancing the rate of bitcoin adoption. With a focus on clarity, he is leading CoinStructive to provide a painless transitioning platform for businesses and individuals who are interested in using bitcoin. Marking the first bitcoin transaction in Cuba as a milestone, Chris looks towards the development of Bitcoin as a global reserve currency. His strategy of adoption is based on trust, transparency and community engagement. Chris’ vision involves bringing legitimacy through thoughtful conversation and legacy-commodity conversion in the bitcoin space.

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