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Proof Of Love

Sep 6, 2019

On this episode of Proof of Love, we have guest Coach Valerie Greene! She is a relationship coach and gives us tips on how to deal with our current relationships as well as healing from past ones. Some of the questions we had the chance to ask her were: 

  • How do you know when someone is not going to change and you should just call it quits instead of waiting for them to change? 
  • Should you stay single and work on yourself or can being in another relationship help you grow as a person?
  • Why are some people people pleasers and is it healthy or should we put ourselves first instead? 
  • Can you stay friends with an ex partner while in a new relationship or should you give it up in order to make your new partner feel safe? 

We discuss all of this and so much more on this exciting episode. Don’t forget to check out the book we mention Conscious UnCoupling by Katherine Woodward Thomas that can help you resolve issues from a past relationship through guided visualizations. Also, check out Valerie’s free ebook/training on her website here!

About the Guests:

Valerie Greene is a unique relationship mentor who helps women to inspire their man to fulfill their deepest needs and desires. A highly successful alternative to relationship therapy, Valerie helps women and couples create a secure emotional CONNECTION--not just problem-solving or communication skills. Valerie holds numerous certifications in coaching, NLP, and emotional healing modalities. She leads workshops, retreats, and online courses for women and couples, and is the creator of the 12-week Man-ifest Lasting Love coaching program. She has shared her free e-guide with thousands of women, called “Man-ifest Lasting Love.” You can download yours to activate the ONE simple secret that will draw a man closer and inspire his love, adoration, and devotion, no matter where your relationship is now! 

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