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Proof Of Love

Aug 21, 2020

NOTICE: This episode contains explicit and frank discussions that may not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is strongly advised.

Kink is a diverse, interesting and playful world. Heather "NookieNotes" Claus (or just "Nookie" to her friends) acts as a guide to Tatiana and Lauren as they discuss different types of kink from bondage to 50’s household, the role of dominance in a relationship, and how a newbie can safely dip their toes into the kink universe.

Nookie shares her journey into the kink world. Her 25-year experience included many different types of play and taught her what her preferences are. However, she strongly believes that there is no "one true way" of kink. There is a huge spectrum in the kink community, both in the type of their kinks and fetishes and how deeply they get into the lifestyle. Most people are living relatively "normal" lives and only attend kinky events from time to time, others are living it full time.

The ladies agreed about how real life is always very different from porn, and one should not draw conclusions about kinks from adult movies either. NookieNotes believes that there is no "taking it too far" with kinks, as long as everything happens consensually and it does not prevent you from functioning in your life.

Nookie's newest project, is a dating site built for people interested in the BDSM lifestyle. While it might be awkward to post kinky preferences on other dating sites, this site was created as a free resource to meet people with similar interests, but also for newbies to learn about the kink world. They host free webinars on different aspects of the lifestyle regularly, and feature lots of great reading material as well.

The subject of ethical non-monogamy was also brought up. Polyamory is something Tatiana spoke up against before, as she fears insecure women might be bullied into setups that are not serving them.  Setting personal boundaries are a huge part of the kink community, and Nookie thinks it would benefit people in general to be taught to make choices and to be aware of their own boundaries.

In the last part of the episode, NookieNotes shared tons of resources for those interested in the kink community: meetups, Facebook groups, festivals are a safe first encounter with kink. Especially in COVID times, there are tons of online opportunities for the curious.

About the Guest:
NookieNotes is a lifestyle dominant who enjoys discussing, researching, practicing and writing about love, sex, romance, and kink. She has been featured in Kink Weekly, Darkside Magazine,  OffTheCuffs Podcast, Bustle, and more.

She travels around the country and internationally, and also keeps herself busy building and growing her site, it's kinky done differently!

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