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Proof Of Love

Sep 18, 2020

Proof of Love takes another streaming deep dive, this time checking out YouTube Originals' “This is Paris,” an examination of the life and background of heiress, socialite, reality TV star & entrepreneur Paris Hilton. The documentary takes a hard look at one of the original “famous for being famous” media sensations, detailing her history with her family, her infamous sex tape, and how she leveraged it into superstardom while also battling anxiety and depression.

Tatiana & Lauren take an in-depth look at the film and give their thoughts on many of the revelations presented, including Paris’ traumatic experience at a “boarding school” meant to fix her teen rebelliousness, her relationship with her strict parents, why she developed her “party girl,” ditzy image and why it isn’t who she really is, and why even after all her current, self-made success she still seems like a person with deep issues. And Lauren even shares an anecdote about her own encounter with Paris before she shot to fame

Check out the documentary:

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