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Proof Of Love

Mar 26, 2021

Elena Sinelnikova has dedicated herself to helping the technology sector, especially crypto, gain a foothold among women. On this episode of Proof of Love, she talks with Tatiana about her success in bringing ladies into the blockchain world, why it's important to bring femininity to tech, and her trials being the best wife and mom she can be while also being a successful businesswoman.

About the Guest:
Software development guru and entrepreneur. Elena has an extensive background of developing enterprise software solutions for government and law enforcement industries. She holds a Master of Computer Science degree and her specialties are in blockchain, cybersecurity, and full-stack programming. She has taken on the opportunity to found and lead the CryptoChicks organization and make it a success in 56 countries. Elena was featured in Globe and Mail, CBC Radio, and Global News for her outstanding contribution to the blockchain industry.

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