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Proof Of Love

Nov 30, 2019

On this week’s #ProofofLove, Stephanie returns to the show with Tatiana and Lauren to discuss dating on the road with our very special guest, Leah Jonas. 

 As a self-described digital nomad, Leah discusses with the ladies her personal side and how is dating on the road. We tackle some of the tougher questions about life on the road, such as:

How do you strike a balance between your professional and personal life?

Where do you meet people and are dating apps helpful for people on the road?

How do you overcome cultural and language barriers as you move around the world?

Leah also dishes on the criteria for a potential good date, whether she sees herself settling down, and changing people’s perspectives of Americans. 

About the Guests:

Leah is the Global Head of Partnerships for Celsius Network, a market-leading cryptocurrency consumer lending, and borrowing platform. She brings a wealth of experience in marketing, sales, and strategic partnerships from the corporate and start-up world. As Celsius as one of the company's early hires, Leah has contributed to all phases of the company's development, from formation to funding to product development to market positioning and expansion. While at Celsius Leah has spearheaded some of the most integral projects within the organization including the white-label integration of Celsius’ services to multiple platforms resulting in the increase of overall AUM measuring in the tens of millions. At present, she is located in London where she will be building out Celsius' EU operations and strategy.

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