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Proof Of Love

Nov 15, 2019

On this episode of Proof of Love, Tatiana Moroz and Dr. Stephanie Murphy chat with Edward Vilga. Edward creates breakthrough wellness experiences in books, bodies, and bank accounts. He is the best selling author of seventeen books, DVDs, and online courses.


His work has been featured in People Magazine and Oprah’s O magazine along with TV shows such as Live with Kelly, CBS’ Early Show, and over 100 other publications. Edward’s DVDs have been downloaded and viewed over 1 million times.


Edward gives us some great insights into the world of yoga, meditation, and finance. We discuss money, as it can be a taboo subject in relationships and how couples can communicate more effectively on the subject. He gives some tips on facing fears when dealing with finances and the positive effects that yoga and meditation can have on your financial well-being. 


About the Guests:

Edward Vilga creates breakthrough wellness experiences in Books, Bodies, and Bank Accounts for a global audience. He consults with corporations and other businesses interested in moving into the Wellness Market. 

Edward is the author of 17 bestselling books, DVDs and online courses.

Over 50,000 students are enrolled in his online courses including 'A YEAR TO GET RICH WITH PURPOSE' on DailyOM.

His most recent book hit #1 in 'New Thought' on Amazon.

Edward recently created a Meditation of the Month Club on his website that’s absolutely FREE.

You can follow him @EdwardVilga on Instagram and @EdwardVilgaIndustries on Facebook.


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