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Proof Of Love

Mar 6, 2019

I was blown away by Carey Wedler’s talk at the 5th annual Anarchapculo in Mexico.  It’s a popular topic that people love to speculate on: “Why aren’t there more women in the Libertarian movement?” The neat thing about Carey’s talk was that she talks a lot about the social programming that I have noticed since I was a kid, especially with the advent of Brittany Spears and other more modern pop stars. This has overflow into politics, and posits about why there may be such a left lean among women. That doesn’t mean we all have to be stuck in the left/right paradigm though! We talk about Carey’s speech, the way to handle creepers, how to say no and not feel guilty about it, along with conference etiquette in an upbeat convo that hopefully will provide a little insight into the female psyche.  

About the Guests:

Carey Wedler is an activist, journalist, and editor in the freedom community. She began her journey toward anarchism on Youtube, and her videos eventually connected her with Carey’s videos and reporting focus on challenging the violence, hypocrisy, and cognitive dissonance of statism and American politics while advocating for peace, liberty, and voluntary solutions to government-created problems, as well as spiritual and emotional healing to sustain free societies. She is also a certified yoga instructor.

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