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Proof Of Love

Apr 10, 2020

Warning: spoilers ahead.

“Love is Blind” is a dating reality series on Netflix hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey. Thirty single men and women participate in this social experiment where they date, look for love, and get engaged … all before meeting in person.

Stephanie and Lauren are back to discuss the season finale of the Netflix series “Love is Blind.” Listen as they break down the weddings, the drama, and the aftermath. 

What To Listen For:

How Stephanie and Lauren see parts of themselves in the couple Mark and Jessica, why Jessica is made out to be the villain of the show, and why people sometimes date when they don’t have an attraction for the other person.

What made Cameron and Lauren the most popular couple on the series, the issues interracial couples face in society, and the ladies’ experiences with inter-cultural relationships.

Carlton’s apology to Diamond on the finale, why Carlton feltl the need to hide his sexuality, and how putting yourself out there on TV could turn into a positive.

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